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Beauty queen braves dirty tricks to secure crown


PUERTO Rican beauty contest organisers are investigating who doused a contestant’s evening gowns with pepper spray and spiked her make-up, causing her to break out in hives.
Beauty queen Ingrid Marie Rivera beat 29 rivals to become the island’s 2008 Miss Universe contestant this weekend, despite applying make-up and wearing evening gowns that had been coated with the spray, said contest spokesman Harold Rosario.
Ms Rivera was composed while appearing before cameras and judges throughout the competition. But once backstage, she had to strip off her clothes and apply ice bags to her face and body, which swelled and broke out in hives twice. “We thought at first it was an allergic reaction, or maybe nerves,” Mr Rosario said. “But the second time, we knew it couldn’t have been a coincidence.”

New Scotsman


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Omigod – not!

Approval ruling on ‘living Buddhas’

REINCARNATIONS of “living Buddhas” in Tibet who fail to get approval from the officially atheist Chinese government are illegal and invalid, officials announced, as dozens of ethnic Tibetans were arrested for calling for the return of the exiled Dalai Lama.

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9 Weird Things

OK, Cat in Rabat has tagged me to describe 9 weird things about myself – pretty hard to do, since I’ve always thought of myself as pretty near perfect. Oh well, I’ll try and find 9.

1) I have a Food Phobia – not the common or garden natural dislike of beetroot, or the inability to eat onions without throwing up, but a fear of food that hasn’t been prepared by my wife (or myself) which manifests itself in sweating, trembling limbs and a feeling my throat has closed and my stomach is trying to climb out. I don’t know where this came from, we were always eating out when we were courting, but nowadays I have to dose myself up to the eyebrows with Propanalol or something if we ever go out to visit friends or a restaurant. As you can imagine, this has put a bit of a crimp in our social activities, but hey-ho we struggle on!

2) On the subject of food, I only like cold toast – I hate it when it’s hot. The routine is to stick the bread in the toaster, then walk the dog round the block, by which time the toast should have cooled off nicely. It’s better still when it’s a day old, and slightly stale, so it will flex without breaking. Even better if you can ladle a three inch spread of butter on it to boost the cholesterol!

3) Every now and then, I get a migraine – the warnings are a slight muzziness and a blank patch in my vision: not large, just enough to mask the s & k of mask, for instance, if I happen to be reading at the time. Then the blank patch is replaced by brilliant scintillating lights, usually in a sickle shape, which gradually expands until it covers my entire vision: it’s like trying to look through an electric rainbow. But – thank goodness – it’s all completely painless! Weird, or what?

4) I have a problem with Coronation Street, which my wife watches devotedly – I cannot stand the constant rows all the characters have and I have to leave the room. Yes,I know, it’s only a story, but that’s the affect some television has on me, it’s such a direct medium. I’ve been banned from watching football ever since I (accidentally) kicked a cup of tea out of my wife’s hands when I was engrossed in a Cup game, and trying to score an easy goal which the overpaid muddy oaf missed!

5) None of the lightbulbs in our house are interchangeable. We have a 25 watt, 40 watts, 60 watts, 100 watts,two pin clear candles, screw clear candles, two pin opaque candles, screw opaque candles, pear shaped bulbs (clear), pear shaped bulbs (opaque), small round two pin bulbs, small round screw bulbs, and two squashed pear shaped bulbs (opaque). And one large screw curly gold bulb. So I have an enormous armoury of spare bulbs, but guess what? Whenever one blows, I never seem to have a spare of that particular bulb in my private stock.

6) My hair has never behaved itself: I shampoo it, and it sticks up all over the place – I don’t shampoo it, and the result is the same. It’s got a mind of its own, but I won’t use Brylcreem because I can’t stand the feeling of it. All this is beside the point, though: the real oddity are my sideboards (sideburns?). You know how fingernails grow 3 times as fast as toenails? Well, my SBs are like that. I snip them back and before you can say Jack Robinson they’ve grown back long enough for me to have a combover. Should I need one, of course.

7) I know some people are attached to their glasses and wouldn’t be without them, but I tend to be obsessive about each pair I get, and have to be dragged screaming to the opticians long after the current pair has ceased to be any use. As of this moment, my left lens needs adjusting, and the reading part of the bifocals requires me to hold all reading matter about 4 inches away. They don’t sit squarely on my face because the dog thinks nothing of head-butting me when we are tussling over a toy, and the right hand arm has a handsome piece of sticking plaster adorning it. But I like ’em.

8) I have a low – and I mean very, very low – resistance to alcohol: now this IS weird, since in my youth …… Well, anyway, half a glass of red wine is enough to see me under the table, so I tend to avoid the booze if I can. I prefer a nice cup of tea. I read somewhere that there is a sect of Jews whose metabolism likewise inclines them to abstemiousness, so I have been watching myself carefully to see if I have this urge to poke someone’s eye out if they poke their finger in mine. Hmmm. Maybe the hairy sideboards (6 above) are a sign?

9) So, as you can see, I’m pretty average – the same likes and dislikes as anyone else: for instance, I really enjoy washing up – there’s something very satisfying about working your way through a big pile of dirty dishes and making another pile of gleaming crockery, to say nothing of the exhiliration to be gained by working your way through a towering heap of sticky pots and pans. Absolutely normal, me.

Gazza, I tag you to list 9 things!

November 3, 2006 at 9:59 pm 4 comments


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